Eastern Research Mining and Metallurgical Institute of Nonferrous Metals



VNIItsvetmet complexly engaged in solving of problems of mining, dressing metallurgical processing of polymetallic and gold-bearing ores with deriving of non-ferrous and precious metals for 60 years.


The institute specializes on implementation:

  • vniiWorks and services in mining, including creation of new technologies and perfection of existing technologies of processing of ore deposits; analysis of physical-and-mechanical, technological and structural properties of stones and ores; geomechanical foundation of technological parameters of development of ore deposits; investigation and development of optimal methods of ore-preparation and control systems of quality of ores; development and adoption of technologies of packing of voids with using of waste of mining-metallurgical complex; development of new explosives and perfection of technology drilling-blasting operations on their basis; creation and introduction of effective schemes of conditioning, methods and facilities of dedusting of air on underground mines; mechanization of underground mining operations; development of program complexes and information technology for creation of geological databases, control of mass condition, technological processes and appliances.
  • Works and services in dressing, including development of new technologies and perfection of existing technologies of dressing of polymetallic ores with complex deriving of all useful components; synthesis of high-performance flotation reagents; creation of combined gravitation-and-flotation processes of dressing of ores and dressing-and-metallurgical schemes of processing difficult for concentration ores; development of effective technologies of deriving of gold and silver from polymetallic ores and anthropogenic raw materials.
  • Works and services in metallurgy, including perfection and introduction of autogenous processes for processing of various raw materials containing non-ferrous and precious metals; development of new ways of deriving of precious components from industrial products and wastes of metallurgical production; creation new hydrometallurgical processes and perfection of existing hydrometallurgical processes for production of non-ferrous and precious metals; system development of effective dust suppression, gas cleaning; application of computer technologies for solving of metallurgical problems and forecasting activity of development of production of nonferrous metals.


Introduced developments of last years

  • Technologies and production schedules for processing of deposits: Obruchevsk, Dolinnoe, Ridder-Sokol'noye (Kazzinc LLP), Shalkiya, Talap (LLP ShalkiyaZinc Ltd.), Alpys (Maikainzoloto JSC), Bakyrchik (Bakyrchik Mining Venture LLP), Suzdal (Alel FIC JSC).
  • Technology of seep leaching of oxidized copper ores with deriving of finished copper: Aktogai, Bozshchakol'skii deposits (Corporation Kazakhmys LLP), Tokhtarovskoe (MOF Tokhtar LLP); piles of mine Kounrad (Sary-Kazna LLP).
  • Technology and production schedules of process of preparation of industrial explosive - IGDANIT in mixing-charging machines of type «Ulba»: Karazhira LTD., Shalkiya Zinc LLP, Bogatyr Akses Komir Ltd LLP.
  • Technologies filling operations and production schedules on designing of concrete filing complex: Bakyrchik mines (Bakyrchik Mining Venture), Artemevski (Corporation Kazakhmys LLP), Suzdal (Alel FIC JSC), Pervomaisk (TNK Kazchrome JSC), Ushkatyn (Zhairemski MCC JSC), Taldy-Bulak Levoberejni (Kyrgyzstan), Alrosa (Russia).
  • Technologies and production schedules on dressing of ores: deposits Shalkiya (Shalkiya Zinc LLP), Artemevski, Nurkazan, Abyz (Corporation Kazakhmys LLP), Tishinsk (Kazzinc LLP), Obukhovsk (Geoincentr LLP).
  • KIVCET technology: lead plants Comibol (Bolivia), Kazzinc LLP (Kazakhstan), Portovezme (Italy), Tek Kominko (Canada), Jiangxi Copper Corporation (China), Zhuzhou Smelter Group Co., Ltd (China) were built on base of license contracts.
  • Production schedules on construction of zinc factory by capacity of 180 thousand tons of spelter per year: Uralmehanobr OJSC.
  • Technologies of autoclave and atmospheric leaching of oxidized nickel ores: deposits of Semey and Aktobe (Kazzinc LLP).
  • Technology of processing of lead-silver ores with deriving of finished silver: Prognoz deposit (Russia).
  • Industrial monitoring of Environment Protection in zone of activity of enterprise: Bakyrchik Mining Venture LLP.
  • Programs of industrial ecological control of enterprise: Bakyrchik Mining Venture LLP.
  • Projects of specifications of treatment of wastes: Bakyrchik Mining Venture LLP, Irtysh Rare Earths Company Ltd.

Projects of SSE «VNIItsvetmet» on which building of the enterprises is implemented:

  • uncovering and processing of mine reserves of «10th anniversary of independence of Kazakhstan»: Pervomaisk deposit (TNK Kazchrome JSC);
  • concreteзакладочный complex with capacity of 100 thousand м3 per year: Pervomaisk deposit (TNK Kazchrome JSC);
  • installation of seep leaching for processing oxidized gold-bearing ores: Raigorod ore field (Gold Land LLP);
  • milling-sorting complex of dressing plant: NOVA ZINC LLP;
  • dressing plant on processing of ore sand: Obuhovskoe titanium-zirconium deposit (Geoincentr LLP);
  • dressing plant on processing chromite ores: Denizli and Sivas areas (Turkey).

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