RSE NC CPMRM RK has got state licenses to perform the following work:

  • processing of mineral raw materials (GL № 0001465 as of 12.03.2003);
  • mining, petrochemical, chemical production engineering (GL № 002167 as of 29.08.2008, GL № 002303 as of 22.09.2008, GL № 002268 as of 29.09.2008, GL № 002707 as of 17.12.2009);
  • process engineering of industrial purpose projects of processing enterprises (08-GSL № 003680 as of 21.03.2001);
  • design of equipment for mining and metallurgical industry (GL № 000026 as of 17.02.2006);
  • environmental design, regulation, works on environmental impact assessment (GL №00226R as of 20.10.2004; № 00978R as of 20.06.2007, GL №01160R as of 27.12.2007);
  • design of nuclear facilities (GLA № 0001555 as of 11.07.2007);
  • collection (preparation), storage, processing and sale of scrap ferrous and nonferrous metals (GL № 0000189 as of 14.06.1996);
  • production of standard samples for quality control of mining and metallurgical industries produce (MA № 0000945 as of 08.04.2000);
  • activities related to precursors turnover (P № 1119 as of 14.03.2007);
  • manufacture, processing, acquisition, storage, sale, use, elimination of poisons (P № 080033 as of 03.03.2009)
  • handling of radiation sources (GLA № 0001553 as of 11.07.2007);
  • in architecture, urban planning and construction activity on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan (GLA № 000147 as of 27.01.1995, 01 GSL № 010009 as of 24.10. 2002);
  • performance of city planning and design and survey work (RRC-1 № 00322 as of 07.10.2002, Kyrgyzstan).
  • land use planning, topographic and cartographic activities (MEB № 00296 as of 16.08.2002);
  • medical activities and practice (GL series AA-4 № 0001300 as of 07.10.2005);
  • for the right to conduct activities in the field of industrial safety (certificate № 0213 as of 27.12.2007).
  • educational activities in postgraduate professional education (GL AA № 0000632 of 01.02. 2002. GL № 0000609 as of 01.02.2002, (post-graduate and doctoral) and the annex thereto № 010213 as of 02.07.2008, (master’s program)).


RSE NC CPMRM RK owns certified and accredited analytical laboratory:

  • Certificate № 10/08 as of 02.04.2008 «On assessment of measurements state in a laboratory, carrying out soils quality control»;
  • Certificate № 49/09 as of 20.11.2009 «On assessment of measurements state in a laboratory, carrying out the ore and water analytical control»;
  • Certificate № 26 as of 08.08.2006, on accreditation of laboratories of the environmental department for the right to conduct measurements of physico-chemical factors in the working zone air, ambient air, the sanitary protection area, drinking water, surface water, groundwater and meltwater;
  • Certificate № 31 as of 14.09.2007 of accreditation for environmental department laboratories, granting the right to monitor the air of the industrial site working zone, ventilation and emissions from air pollution sources;
  • Accreditation certificate № 965 as of 10.10.2007, of the metrological service for conducting metrological certification of measurement techniques of SSE VNIItsvetmet’;
  • Certificate № 788 as of 28.12.2007 to conduct analytical monitoring of concentrates, ores, soils, and derivatives thereof;
  • Certificate № 76/07 as of 28.12.2007 «On assessment of measurements (certification) state in a laboratory carrying out analytical control of precious and base metals»;
  • Accreditation certificate KZ.7100000.06.09.00712 as of 29.12.2007 of the chemical analysis laboratory for technical competence of the ST RK ISO / IEC 17025 – 2001 «General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories» in the Technical Regulation State System of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Committee for Technical Regulation and Metrology of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Accreditation certificate № 0000038 as of 26.02.2008 of the laboratory for soil protection against radioactive and industrial pollution;
  • Accreditation certificate № 0000155 as of 12.06.2008, of the chemical analytical laboratory;
  • Accreditation certificate № KZ.I.07.0480 as of 09.07.2009 of the spectral analysis chemical-analytical laboratory for compliance with the ST RK ISO / IEC 17025-2007;
  • Accreditation certificate № 33 as of 20.08.2009 on accreditation of laboratories of the environmental department for conducting measurement of impacts of emissions of air pollution in the work zone, surface water, groundwater and snowmelt water.


The following has been accredited on the basis of laboratory standardization and metrology, chemical analysis, spectral analysis, physico-chemical studies of metallurgical processes, Environmental Protection Department of SSE VNIItsvetmet:

  • Interstate Technical Committee for Standardization - ITC 504 «Zinc, Lead», engaged in the development of interstate and state standards, organizations, standards, technical specifications, and measurement procedures;
  • Specialized organization under the State Service for standard reference data on physical constants and properties of substances and materials of Kazakhstan, carrying out the development and manufacture of national, inter-state (CIS) and regional (COOMET) (Euro-Asian Cooperation of National Metrologic Institutions) standard samples, standard enterprise samples;
  • Test Center, performing arbitration, certification, monitoring, and certification tests of mineral raw materials, nonferrous metallurgy products, and environments;
  • Specialized Center of State Service for standard reference data on physical constants and properties of substances and materials, engaged in development of standard data on electrical resistivity of powders of chemically pure oxides of zinc, silicon and iron, and recommended reference data on reagents consumption for neutralization of acids, etc.

SSE Kazmekhanobr State Scientific Production Association of Industrial Ecology is the backbone organization of the Technical Committee № 13 on standardization in nature protection and rational use of natural resources (TK №13 – «Conservation and sound environment management», National Standard of the RK) involved in development and examination of state standards and regulatory guidance documents on standardization in nature protection and rational use of natural resources; performing works for unification and harmonization of national standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan with international and interstate standards; scientific and methodological and metrological support for transition of enterprises and organizations of the country to international environmental standards ISO 14000 and integrated management systems that meet requirements of ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 9001:2008.


There are 17 state standards secured to SSE Zh.Abishev Chemicometallurgical Institute, including 2 – for cast irons analysis methods, 4 - for ferroalloys, 1 - for aluminum for reducing and production of ferroalloys and aluminothermic process, 1 – for aluminum casting alloys, 1 - for manganese concentrates, 6 - for sulfuric acid hydrochloric acid and aqueous ammonia, and 2 - for black secondary metals, scrap and waste non-ferrous metals and alloys.


RSE NC CPMRM RK has all the necessary modern experimental and chemical-analytical equipment and software to carry out the research.