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Technology for smelting of the ferro-aluminum-silicon and «Kazahstanskiy» alloy (RSE «NC CPMRM RK»)

fsaTechnology for smelting of the ferro-aluminum-silicon and the «Kazahstanskiy» alloy for deoxidation, modification and alloying of steel, based on the use of offgrade carbonaceous feed was developed.

Produced alloy of iron, silicon and aluminum with the additions of modifier elements of non-metallic inclusions (calcium, barium, etc.) and alloying elements (vanadium, titanium, etc.) due to their properties has a high degree of recovery by the melted steel, provides the reduction of non-metallic inclusions and visible hot cracking, improves the structure and quality of work steel.

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KIVCET-technology for processing of the various plumbiferous raw materials (VNIItsvetmet)

kivcetKTVCET-technology for processing of plumbiferous raw materials is based on a combination of roast smelting furnace-charge processes in a spray state with oxygen, the reduction of the oxide melt in the layer of carbon material and the standing of the depleted liquid-alloy in the furnace, continuously carried out at the single set of original design. The furnace-charge is fir burned off and melted in an oxygen atmosphere and the resulting oxide melt is subjected to carbon-thermal reduction with a high extraction of: lead and precious metals - to black lead, copper - to regulus, zinc - to fume or sullage, sulphur - to combination gas.

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Development of technology for the smelting of new complex aluminum-chromium-silicon alloy (AChS)(Zh. Abishev ChMI)

The proposed flow diagram is simple and allows considered poor chrome ore not only as an integrated metallurgical raw materials, but also use as a reducer of the high-in-ash low-phosphorus coals. The process of smelting AChS complex alloy is a single-stage and uncindery. Process for obtaining of the AChS is the full restoration of oxide ore and mineral part of coal. This method of melting contributes to the high use of components of the furnace-charge and the use of low-grade ore and coal enables us to obtain an alloy with low-cost, and to enhance the quality of the alloy by stabilizing the process and increase furnace productivity due to the high resistivity of used coal, providing a deep landing electrode in the melting furnace. Coal ash is composed mainly of silica and alumina, recovering together with oxides of the ore, is an additional source of silicon and aluminum in the alloy.

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Technology for processing of the gold-arsenic concentrates(Zh. Abishev ChMI)

Preliminary method of the resistant and extremely resistant gold-arsenic concentrates preparation is developed, it allows to obtain the product suitable for further processing both the conventional hydrochemical methods of the gold extracting and at the pyrometallurgical treatment as a fluxing agent in the content of carbon and silicate components in the production of copper or lead.

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Reserves of the blast-furnace smelting operation for producing high-quality rolled steel (Zh. Abishev ChMI)

The technology don't requires the capital charges and implemented by entering the pellet of natural compounds of boron into the blast-furnace burden, which during the process of metallurgical treatment pass into the cast iron, steel and rolled product, significantly improving the quality of the latter.

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Stabilization of metallurgical slag from the decay (Zh. Abishev ChMI)

shlakiA technology for the stabilization of slag from the decay by entering them in micro-doses of boron is developed. The production of high quality building rubble resulting from the new technology lump of slag is organized.



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Technology for processing of the «Syrymbet» mine's ore (Kazmekhanobr)

Complex tin-bearing ore processing technology, based on the use of hydro and pyrometallurgical processes is developed and intended to produce of: metallic stannum (Sn - 98-99%); amorphous silica (SiO2 - 96-98%); aluminum oxide (A12O3 - 98-99%); ferrous concentrate (Fe2О3 - 96-97%);bismuthic concentrate (Bi - at least 35%, Pb - at least 20%, Cu - at least 19%).

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High-purity radiogenic osmium (Os-187) production (RSE «NC CPMRM RK»)

Ergonomic technology for producing high-purity osmium isotope Os-187 from of all types of liquid and solid industrial products of copper production is developed, it also allows to receive additional compounds of rhenium, metallic rhenium and iodine.



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Technology for complex processing of the leaded slimes, cakes, dusts (RSE «NC CPMRM RK»)

The technology for processing of the leaded slimes, cakes, dusts with the selective separation of rhenium and osmium in single stage during the reduction smelting is developed.

Method of extraction of osmium from the lead alloy with obtaining of the concentrate that containing 55-67% metallic osmium is developed.


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Development of the electrochemical hydrochlorination in the pulp technology of arsenic-pyritous gold ore of the Republic of Kazakhstan's deposits (VNIItsvetmet)

The technology for processing resistant gold ores and concentrates by electrochemical hydrochlorination in the pulp method with a high (~ 85-95%) rates of extraction of gold from raw materials to the commercial product. This method is an alternative to cyanide leaching.

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Processing of arsenic-pyritous gold ores of the Republic of Kazakhstan's deposits (Kazmekhanobr)

Pyro-hydrometallurgical technology of processing of resistant arsenic-pyritous ores is developed, it provides throughout recovery of gold in commercial product at 91-93%, allows utilization of arsenic by 98% as an insoluble sulfide compound. By this technology, precious metals can be obtained as Dore alloy, or in the form of ingot of gold and ingot of silver.

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Technology for complex processing of used vanadium catalysts (RSE «NC CPMRM RK»)

Technology for complex processing of used vanadium catalysts with obtaining of pure vanadium oxide and versatile catalyst VAK-1 is developed.

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Waste utilization technology of chrysotile-asbestos production by sulfuric acid method with obtaining commercial magnesium products in the form of sulphate, oxide and metal (RSE «NC CPMRM RK»)

Asbestos plant of JSC «Kostanayskie mineraly» produces annually up to 5 million tons of chrysotile-asbestos, of which ≈ 8% is extracted in the commodity fiber, the rest is sent to dumps. These man-made waste contains up to 1 million tons magnesium at an average grade of 36-39% MgO (21­-23% Mg).

National Center on Complex Processing of Mineral Resources of Kazakhstan develops and offers technology for industrial development, providing sulfuric acid leaching of chrysotile-asbestos waste with extracting into solution of 75-80% magnesium in the form of sulfate. Cleaning solution from the impurities of iron, nickel, cobalt and chromium is carried out by concrete-chemical methods.

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Development of hydrometallurgical technology for processing of Ni-Co ores of Kazakhstan (Kazmekhanobr)

Complex hydrometallurgical technology of processing of Ni-Co oxygenized ores with use of electromembrane sets for high efficiency Ni electroeztraction from ore is developed and allows to obtain: metallic nickel, metallic cobalt, ferrum concentrate, bulk concentrate of Ca, Mg, Al, europium concentrate.

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Special coke production technology (RSE «NC CPMRM RK»)

koks1Technology for production of metallurgical coke of special purpose from forge coal Kazakhstan is developed.

Special coke is a solid carbonaceous deoxidant for electro-metallurgical productions and has particle size 5-25 mm with ash content not exceeding 10%, has a developed pore structure formed as large pores with size of 150-300 micron and smaller - 0,5-1,0 micron.

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