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Chemical industry

Thermal processing of rice husk (RSE «NC CPMRM RK»)

Rice processing waste - rice husk- is 20-30% by weight of rice (150-200 million tons per year -in the world, more than 70 tons per year - in Kazakhstan).

Complex rice husk processing technology has been developed and recognized as the best invention in 2007 following the results of the Republican contest «Shapagat».

Pilot set to process 300 kg/day of rice husk have been created, the obtained products (silicon-carbon (CC), organic product (OP)) were tested in various industries.

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Technology for producing briquettes from fine size coal (D.A. Kunayev Mining Institute)

briketTechnology for producing fuel briquettes from substandard coal and rice husk using liquid grains concentrate as a binder is developed.



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Technology for biotechnical remediation of man-made structures (D.A. Kunayev Mining Institute)

Technologies reducing the dust emissions from man-made objects and degraded lands is developed. It is to cover those lands by pulp-compositions of a certain mixture.

The compositions aggregate the dispersed particles of man-made objects surface, forming a solid layer - the crust, humic-containing compositions create the conditions for the germination of seeds.

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Complex organic-mineral fertilizers on the base of phosphate of Chilisayskiy deposit (RSE «NC CPMRM RK»)

Technological parameters for obtaining hard mixed compound fertilizers in granular form are developed, it is carried out by a simple acid-free scheme through mechanochemical activation of phosphate ore and produced by LLC «Temir - Servis» phosphate powder of the Chilisayskoe deposits. The optimum compositions of organic compounds (waste of poultry and livestock, the liquid product of pyrolysis of rice husk) and phosphate powder that allow us to obtain high-efficiency fertilizer mixtures with a given content of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements are defined.

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Polymer filter elements of space-globular structure (Kazmekhanobr)

Method for the synthesis of ion-exchange materials of the special structure that combines the properties of fine carrier ion-exchange groups with particular spatial arrangement («garlands» of microglobules chemically linked at specific points of contact with a coordination number of 3-4) is developed.

For a wide range of tasks there were synthesized ion-exchange materials in assortment. Filter elements provide high selectivity and the selectivity of the process, super-fast mode sorption and elution.

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Automatic analyzer of cyanide in waste water and pulp (RSE «NC CPMRM RK»)

Fixed automatic device of continuous operation. The device is designed to determine the concentration of cyanide in waste waters and pulps of various companies at Fisheries and sanitary standards.

The device is used as a sensor control systems regulating the cleaning process of cyano-containing wastewater, as well as in quality control systems of wastewater discharged by enterprises into water for household and fishing destination. The analyzer allows you to make a quantitative determination of cyanide in the effluent is 10 times faster than with known methods of analysis.

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